Founded by a champion

We aim to develop women's lifestyle through swimming classes that's dedicated only for her. Our vision is the woman must have better health and clear mind , that's exactly swimming do.
Seham El-Kerm
Arch. Seham EL-Kerm | The Founder & Head coach

Discovering your inner champion is what drives me , starting from when I was eight years old I’ve started to take my first swimming classes 20 years later after more than hundred of Medals and tens of trophies I can easily say that I need to challenge myself again.

This time I’ve decided to help women to discover their very inner champion through my Academy that’s dedicated only for women to help them discover their inner champion every day, Mermaida My New Journey.


Seham started playing sports at the age of 3, and since them, she has been swimming for 25 years. During her sports career, she received numerous medals nationally and internationally. She was also ranked number 6 in the world for 10 Km swimming races.

She studied architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, Arab Academy, and graduated in 2014. During her final year in college, she took her first steps to become a swimming coach. After graduation, she worked as an architect in several multinational companies, but her passion for swimming was much bigger. Thus, she continued to coach swimming along with her job. She teaches swimming to men, women and children from all ages. In 2018, she was appointed a member of the technical committee at the Egyptian Swimming Federation and she is ASCA certifiedfrom The American Swimming Coaches Association.

Believing in the importance of swimming for women from all ages, and to fulfil the dreams of many who never had the chance to learn how to swim, Seham founded Mermaida Swimming Academy in March 2019. Within three months since it opened, more than 100 women joined, between the ages of 16 and 60.

Seham dreams that all Egyptian women and girls swim, because she finds swimming as the only physical activity that moves all the muscles of the body, as well as the only sport that helps to tone the body, and drops the weight in a short period of time. Moreover, it improving the mood.

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